How Advance is Transportation in 2017

Since people have become wiser, they have made a way for human beings to have more industrialized society. Since the development of vehicles, people’s lives were changed day by day and that we have become so proud of the fact that transportation is being renewed day by day and is being developed quickly.

Actually, in the first world countries, transportation is very easy because they are using trains and buses that can run at a speed of 431 km/h. Imagine that? Actually, vehicles are the reason why people can enjoy transportation. Now, in these days, we can see how advanced transportation is.

Car is a need in some part of the world because there is not much public transportation. Even if we can travel for as long as we have a car, people still seek how they can improve it.

Actually, when we think of it, people always invent of new features of a car. In terms of air transportation, an airplane has already tried to run on water. In the same way, maybe people will try to invent a vehicle that can run on water.  This is how advance people’s thinking is. People are still finding how they can improve the transportation in this moment. Sooner or later, a vehicle can also fly in the air.

This is not impossible. At this moment, people are trying their best to conquer time so they want to travel as fast as a mosquito but it might be impossible to reach this dream. However, it is also possible to do this, no doubt people do it.